BMW Specialist

D & D Auto Services owner, Don Sumith, has spent many years working on BMWs and has had factory training. He’s a BMW specialist and knows BMW cars very well.

We can maintain your BMW whether it be one of the classic models, or a current model.

We know all the common problems and we know how best to tackle all jobs. We also know where to buy parts at the best prices. Our experience ensures that you will get your car fixed properly and that you won’t be paying more than you need to for BMW service and repairs.

D & D Auto Services is located in Girraween in Western Sydney.

Want us to care for your BMW?

F82 BMW M4 in for repair
F82 BMW M4 in for repair
BMW E46 in workshop
A BMW E46 in for repair
BMWs in the workshop
Late model BMWs and other European cars in the workshop