eSafety Checks (Pink & Brown Slip)

D & D Auto Services is licensed by the RMS (previously known as the RTA) under the authorised inspection scheme to perform safety inspections for all light vehicles (ASCIS) and heavy vehicles (HVAIS).

Safety checks for light vehicles

We can perform an eSafety Check (often known as a “pink slip”) for your car while you wait Monday through Saturday (by appointment). Or combine your annual eSafety Check with regular servicing of your car.

Inspections are required for the purpose of renewal on light vehicles over 5 years old, and for clearance of non-design-based defect notices.

Light vehicles include:

  • Cars and light commercial vehicles up to 5 tonnes tare except vehicles fitted with power-operated brakes.
  • Motorcycles including motorcycle with side-car.
  • Buses up to 2.5 tonnes tare.

Safety checks for heavy vehicles

D & D Auto Services can also perform inspections on heavy vehicles including “brown slips”. Inspections are required to establish registration for vehicles not currently registered in NSW, renew registration, adjust vehicle records and clear defect notices.

Heavy vehicles include:

  • Heavy vehicles over 4.5 tonnes gross vehicle mass (GVM).
  • Buses 2.5 tonnes tare weight and over.
  • Licensed tow trucks.
  • Vehicles fitted with power-operated brakes.
  • Prime movers.

All inspection certificates are lodged electronically so you can pay for and renew your vehicle registration straight away.

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Esafety Check Heavy Vehicle Authorised Inspection Station